Why are my components marked yellow?

I have tried out the headlap newsflasher tutorial found here att kirupa.com. But after the installation of the extension the component newsflasher are marked out in yellow and can not be used. WHY?? Can any one help me whit this :q:

No clue… I downloaded the .mxp file directly from the tutorial on this site, installed it, followed the tutorial and everything works excellent :-\

I know on the website they supply you can download a .zip file with something different than a .mxp file, if you did that, maybe you should try the .mxp file.

I guess I could try to reinstal the extention with a fresh fil from kirupa.

I wish you luck =)

Do you think there could be some adjustment in my flash mx that could be wrong? My flash UI components are also yellow. Maybe my program are adjusted to only show components compitable with lower flashplayers.

I honestly don’t know of any settings in Flash that would make your components not work.

I think there is something wrong with Flash directly in your case. I can’t say for sure though.

I found the problem. I only had to change the publish settings from flash 5 to flash 6. THAT EASY!
Well , thanks again for all suport.
But its not the last time I’ll be calling for help.

Well this forum is here for when you need help. So call away :slight_smile: