Why are they doing that?

I am working on our company website and on our “what we do” page I have images that scroll along the bottom. what happens is that some of those images start to blink or pulse and then act normal once they have reached a certain point. The web site is at www.hatchmueller.com just push the what we do button to see the problem. by the way this is the first site that I have done using flash what do you think?

It looks to me like they’re just growing and shrinking fast as hell

But I deno

Im an ameature myself, and I always post replies trying to help people.

And most of tha ppl on this board prolly think im tha stupidist, most full of B.S. person here.

But anyways, if it’s not to much of a hassle. I myself, would try just deleting those pictures from .fla and all coresponding scripts and such, and re-entering them into flash. hey ya never know, it could b some little mistake u made along tha line by accident.

Reinstalling progz works like 80% of tha time for me…but that’s me


-replying to R30Buff-

your not the dumbest now…im here, i cant even get a button to work without looking at a tutorial…lol

It looks like there is an error on the script itself. I also noticed that when you rollOver the blinking image, the corresponding text or movieClip that came with it blinks as well…Try and reconfigure or re-write the actionScript.

I hope this helped.

I tried your sugestions this morning but it did not work, so I had a donut. What happened next was just inspiration. I noticed that the images that were flashing happened to be left of the center mark in the symbol library and when I moved to the right everything work just fine.

Thanks for your posts