Why does LoadMovie scale external swf clips?

I have an external movie clip called “dialog_open.swf” which is exactly 525 pixels by 225 pixels in size. This movie contains no actionscript except for a stop() on frame 1.

In my main flash movie, I have the following code:


container_mc has a _width of 525 and a _height of 225.

The movie loads but scales up about 33% (to about 933 pixels by 520 pixels). The Macromedia help states that my external swf should inheret container_mc’s size/scaling properties but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyone have a suggestion?

This is all running from a class so I can’t use an onload event to automatically resize the movie after it finishes loading (which is really annoying anyway).

My main movie is supposed to act like a desktop – it takes up the fullscreen and has Stage.scaleMode = “noScale” set.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.