Why does my 'imported to library' swf play straight through?

How can I get an external swf to load scale within my primary swf and retain all it’s interactivity?

I imported one, placed and scaled it. But it plays straight through ignoring stops, roll-overs, clicks, everything.

What am I doing wrong? Plus how do I link to the file and not add it to the primary file size?



It should keep the AS… Be sure that you don’t use _root in the child movie, because for him, the _root is no longer the same.

pom :asian:

Ok, kept as is. But how do I reference it?

*Originally posted by 3dron *
** But how do I reference it? **
Reference what ? If you’re talking about the movie you imported, it depends on how you loaded it.

pom :asian:

Sorry I’m vague. I want to know how to reference it.

I don’t want to import it and add all the items to my library.