Why does´n appear the library items menu


i cannot to live without the library items.

I´ve been looking for the menu that contains the option of library items, but it doesnt appear in my dreamweaver mx, whats happening?

help me, if you know don´t be afraid to type an answer.

si hay errores de gramática, discúlpenme

Not sure what you mean by library items. In Dreamweaver you have similar options, though since HTML etc is setup a little differently than say Flash or Fireworks, you don’t really have a library of Symbols… What you do have is “assets” showing things such as the images you have at your disposal for your site and things like snippets which let you keep collections of easily reusable code:

Window > Assets (or F11)

Window > Snippets (or SHIFT + F9)

gracias, este dia pasará a la historia