Why does this code not work?

Ok, so I have one fla that has two scenes. One named intro and one named home, which has a frame label on the first frame named “home”. Obviously I want the intro to play first so I checked to make sure that intro is listed as being first in the scene panel, which it is, but I have yet to fix this problem.

In the intro scene, I have three layers. One is for script, one is a preloaders outerbar (which is a movieclip and has an instance name of outerBar_mc), and the other layer is my progress bar which has an instance name of amount_mc.

What I want to do is preload the entire swf where once it is all loaded it will gotoAndPlay the home scene. On the script layer of the intro scene, I have this script on frame 1.

this.onEnterFrame = function(){
var loaded = this.bytesLoaded
var total = this.bytesTotal

if (loaded >= total){

this.amount_mc._yscale = loaded;

On the home scene, all I have are ten frames with a movie clip tween from 0% alpha to 100%. I then have a labels layer where frame one is labeled home. I then have a script layer which has a stop action on frame 10.

The movie clip that tweens in has a loadVariables script on the inside of it loading an external text file, but that’s all that happens. I don’t see the movie clip fade in. It’s working just fine until I Ctrl + Enter it. Can anyone help me here? Thanks a lot,