Why doesn't this work?


Ok i’m just creating my new portfolio website and something’s completely baffling me.

When I open a new section i’ve got a drop down that pops down and a mask reveals some text, then when the closeBtn is pressed I want the mask to reverse and the box that’s popped down to reverse. Here’s the code:

import mx.transitions.Tween;
import mx.transitions.easing.*;
import flash.display.*;

function moveShizzle(targetFrame)
    dropTxt.masker.onEnterFrame = function ()
        if (this._currentframe != targetFrame)
            delete this.onEnterFrame;
        } // end else if
} // End of the function

var dropDown = new mx.transitions.Tween(dropDown, "_height", mx.transitions.easing.Strong.easeInOut, 1, 270, 50);
    dropDown.onMotionFinished = function (){

dropTxt.closeBtn.onRelease = function (){
moveShizzle (1);
new mx.transitions.Tween(dropDown, "_height", mx.transitions.easing.Strong.easeInOut, 270, 1, 50);

All that happens is the mask reverses, covering up the text, but the box behind it stays exactly where it is?

Any help much appreciated!