Why is my nick RedMirrorBall?

This came up in another thread. So it is time to explain my nick.

About 8 years ago, when I was a youngster, I had a thing for stealing gazing balls (AKA mirror balls) out of people’s yards. If you don’t know what these are, here is a link. I had a collection, and through the years I gave them away here and there and returned them to the community from which I stole them. I kept one of them though. A red one. I kept this one because I got really loaded drunk one night and carried it about two miles on my back. This one weighed about 30 pounds, because it had a concrete stand. Oh ya, and it was the middle of December. I took a bunch of pictures of it, and it was always just around. Then one day I was sitting watching TV, and a golf ball that had been sitting on my entertainment center for months mysteriously rolled off, bounced off the floor, and landed right in the middle of the ball and shattered it. I shed a few tears, but I got over it. Then a couple of months later, a few friends of mine replaced the ball with a new one. I made a shrine for it, and it took it’s place in the corner where the old one sat. Everything was going good, then I decided to paint my living room. I moved it in the kitchen. Someone came over to my house, opened the door, which knocked over a broom, which hit a picture on the wall, which fell and again shattered the ball. At that point I decided that red mirror balls are cursed. As to how it became my name, since it was always sitting next to my computer, I just always saw it. I was getting into flash at that point, and a lot of my early work was doing different things to pictures, images, drawings of the red mirror ball. When I started joining forums it seemed only natural that my name should be RedMirrorBall. It has turned into an obsession really. I have pictures all over my wall of red mirror balls, I own redmirrorball.com, I have a t-shirt with the red mirror ball on it. It just is what it is.

And that is the long version of my name is what it is.