Why is only the first set loading from XML?

I finally got the xml figured out to get to the right level of node. Why is it though that my button doesnt get next set from xml? Here is my AS followed by XML:

var xml:XML = new XML();
xml.ignoreWhite = true;
xml.onLoad = function() {
 var nodes = this.firstChild.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes;
 // 3X2 following loops. 
 for (var b = 1; b <=3; b++) {
  for (var c = 1; c <=2; c++) {
    var t = games.attachMovie("iconMC", "icon_MC" +counter, counter);
    t._x = xStart+(b*spacing)-spacing;
    t._y = yStart+(c*spacing)-spacing;
    ///Assign an _x _y position to loaded items
    t.t1.tText.text = nodes[counter-1].attributes.ui_displayname;
    ///t.link = nodes[counter-1].attributes.link;
    t.onRollOver = over;
    t.onRollOut = out;
    t.onRelease = released;
    whatSet = 0;
more.onRelease = function() {
 if (counter>0) {
  t.t1.tText.text = nodes[counter++].firstChild.attributes.ui_displayname;
  ///t.link = nodes[counter+1].attributes.link;

It is creating 6 elements of content containers on stage just like i want, however when you push more I want it to get next set of 6 and load. Any ideas? I got my XML book out but cant seem to figure out why. Thanks in advance. MT