Why is this not tweening?

Well here’s the AS tweening code
i’ve checked everything
the MC called thetext is on the timelime, in fact everything is

if the movement is not tweened, could it be that the for loop is too fast and switches from the actual to the previous/next position too rapidly ??

t = 3;
function go_up() {
	for (yactualposition=i; i<ypreviousposition; i) {
		_root.thetext._y = i;
		i += t
function go_down() {
	for (yactualposition=i; i>yforwardposition; t) {
		_root.thetext._y = i;
		i -= t;

alright ill post my fla… btw im doing this to help someone else on the forum, but looks like I need Flash help myself

sorry this isnt no help to the question but i think your footer is caool mlk! it bring some colour to these forums (many footers have all been gray and blue recently!)


well thanks for the help guys anyway…
i think i might have worked the thing out - althoug if somoene more experience could confirm it:

  • i at least 2 frames need to be played in order for the script to work…
    I dont know why a single, looping code wont affect my clips… Maybe flash has a disease :beam: