Why won't anyone answer me?

this is the second question i posted and no one answers me i was just wondering why??\rdid i do something?\r\rmy question was \rHello everyone,\rI was just wondering if anyone knew a way that you could have a flash movie play then automatically go to and play a powerpoint show file which will loop back and play the flash animation.\rI tried putting flash in ppt and it worked except for when you put transitions on the slides and then the flash flips upside down and does not play. \rI need this show to loop continuously \rPlease Please I need help\rthank you so much\r\rsaraaimee

The reason that some questions don’t get answered are becasue they either:\r\rA) Aren’t seen.\r\ror\r\rB) The answer is not known. The vast majority of the people that troll this message board are into web design and probly have never used Flash in PowerPoint, so there is a good chance that we don’t know the answer. I, for one, don’t know.\r\rI’m sorry and I hope you find someone that knows the answer, but you may want to try a different message board if you can not find the answer you are searching for here. We can always try to help, but our knowledge of incorporating Flash into PowerPoint will be minimal to non-existent.

thank you for letting me know\ri thought maybe i said something.\r\rdo you know anyone that might know how to link the two\ri dont want flash in ppt i just want it to open the file.\rso if you know anyone i would love to talk to them\r\rthank you again

i’m guessing you wouldhave to link to that file.\r In the timeline put getURL and then put the path to the file…I dunno…

Are you sure you don’t want to put the swf in a powerpoint file instead ? It’s easier (I think…).\rpom 0]

You could also try saving your powerpoint and flash in html, and then using a refresh on each page.\r\reve.

Weel, I seem to remember the only person here ever mentioning PowerPoint was Kirupa, so the honor of answering belongs to him :wink: \rin the meantime, check this out, might help:\rwww.flashgeek.com/

I am a little surprised that none of you do know… (not that I do)\r\ra question for the original poster…\r\ris a powerpoint document able to be saved as an exe file for automatic exicution or does it have to be played in a power point environment?

Maybe this will help - haven’t looked at it…it’s on Flashkit\r\rLaunch a PowerPoint Slide Show from Flash\rBy utilizing FSCommand exec and a batch (.bat) file (PC), you can launch a\rPowerPoint slide show from your Flash presentation menu. By Adina Halter\rwww.flashkit.com/tutorial…ndex.shtml\r good luck…Markoid

thank you i will try it and if i have anymore questions i will let you know :slight_smile: thanks again