Why would localConnect cause IE 6 to hang sooo much on XP Pro?

I’ve been communicating with localConnect between 2 swf’s in the same web page and have noticed that IE 6 hangs all the time. The page I have has a button that when pressed will replace the 2nd swf on the page with a new swf that is the same size and look and feel with a change in an image in the replacing file.

I do a fresh open of IE 6 (on Toshiba Satellite running XP Pro) and load the html page with the 2 swf’s in question and push the button in the first to replace the second and it works however, when I say for example call the page again by typing the pages url into the address field of the browser the page no longer works.

Are there issues with IE 6 related to localConnect functionality? Seems I’ve read another complaint about IE in this regard not to mention the others related to standards over the years!

Anybody had simillar issues?