Wierd problem with scenes can't figure out

hello everybody im stuck with something see i have a 3 scene movie…
but it started at scene 2 and the worked on scene 3 now when in finished booth scenes i made another ej. scene3 that was going to be my first scene… so i went to window>Design Panel>scene to change the order of my scenes… and renamed them so in my scene panel would look like this
now my problem is that when i publish the movie. ctrl+enter the movie starts with scene 2 instead of scene one… and in my scenes panel the order is correct… 1,2,3 so is there a way to set my player to start from the scene one… knowing that scene1 was originaly the last scene i modified and scene 2 was the first scene y started working with… hope u understand whats my prob… thanks alot :snug: