Will do work for cheap (just got scammed AGAIN!)

Ok. This is a great forum, and its been a while. But, due to certain circumstances, I now have to practically beg for work. Over the summer, i got scammed for 600 bucks. I thought i would learn my lesson. So i was makin a site for a guy, and I asked for a downpayment, and he said no. I was a little alarmed, but decided to do it anyway. I made the site, showed him the jpg preview, and he liked it. He really wanted to get it finished. So today, i was like, ok, lets get it done. And then he said, why do you work? Just for money? And i was like, umm, yes, that would be why i work. I have to support myself. So then he said, i dont want to work with you, and im not gonna pay you. Then he logged out. There went another 100 bucks.
So, i bring my plea to you. I really really need work. I dont care if its the most boring thing, i need a job. I can do HTML, CSS, XML, some php, some Jscript, Actionscript, and design work.
I’ll work for really cheap rates, AS LONG AS I CAN GET A DOWNPAYMENT.
I know that its kind of weird, but i know that some of you need a template sliced and coded, or have 10 pages to be filled with content. I would be forever greatfull if you could provide me with anything, 15 bucks would be great.
Thanks again,
AIM: iDeviseFlash
MSN IM: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]