Will Pay to Extend XML Photo Gallery

So I would be more than happy to pay somebody for any help regarding the questions above.

I am working with the following tutorial:

Again, what I am looking for is the following: a means by which to fade the image out on clicking the next or previous buttons; a means by which to preload some of the images in advance before displaying the first image (with a preloader demonstrating progress) and then to continue loading the rest of the images in the background; a preloader that can fade in when it is called and fade out when it is finished preloading rather than just becoming immediately visible/invisible; a means by which to fade the caption text in and out like the images.

I also want the buttons to be skinnable as they are in the tutorial (that is to say they can look like just about anything, but just have to be given an appropriate instance name).

I am willing to pay up to $200 via paypal (depending on how skinnable the solution is and how easy it makes my life). I bet many of you out there can do this in less than an hour. Not a bad way to make some quick money.

Drop me a line at
[email protected]