Winamp Problem

Hiya, got a problem with Winamp 5 (as you probably deduced from the title) .
Sometimes, Winamp 5 just stops playing sound. The song is still playing but there’s nothing coming outta my speakers. Other programs such as Media Player and Kaz… uh, Jukebox still play songs without problems but Winamp doesn’t, even after restarting the PC. The only solution I’ve found is reinstalling Winamp but I can’t keep doing that every 2 weeks or so, gets on my nerves.
Now anyway, the tards at the Winamp forum couldn’t help me, they just asked the standard questions:
did you install any plugins? no.
did you change any settings? no, it just stopped playing.

Please, has anyone else had this problem? Any help is greatly appreciated :frowning:

This sounds spooky. I have no problems at all. If you use a beta version, try use the latest full version. I don’t know what else it could be…

nope, v.5.03.
I saw a post on the winamp forum by someone who seems to have the exact same problem that I have, but he didn’t get any help, either :frowning:

gets out ye old stick of bumping
though I take it nobody has experienced this problem before… :frowning:

In case anybody cares, I downloaded the latest nvidia driver and now winamp works again. that, to me, is the pinnacle of mount weirdness

same thing happens to me from time to time -

the best I can see is that something is causing the program to corrupt the audio driver…it always works after i reinstall the nvidia driver…has to be a bug inherent to winamp…so you have found the correct solution for now.

I have the same problem. There always seems to be something I’m doing when it happens. What kind of motherboard do you have? I seem to have some problems with the motherboard(Gigabyte Ghetto one) PCI working with my soundcard (Soundblaster Audigy).