Windows style interface

Hi all,

Wondering why I can’t access certain properties of my moveie clips.

I’ve got a windows style interface built in MX 2004. It uses buttons to attach movieclips of a little window. Each window has a close and minimize button, but some of the actions are working, and some aren’t.

I’m attaching the movieclip to a dynamically created mc (using createEmptyMovieClip) and I can access the _x and _y properties, but I can’t seem to get to anything with an instance or variable name. When each button is pressed, I want to assign _width and _height properties to instances within the attached movie and also put text into a dynamic text box.

The AS included seems to work, but I’ve included the following (as one example) and it has no effect or the wrong effect:

_root[“placeholder” + i].window_body._width = 120;
the script is supposed to scale the window elements depending on what’s to be displayed. I also want to include a script that changes the alpha of the active or inactive windows. The swapDepths() function isn’t working either.

See the attached file. Your help is greatly appreciated.