Windows Vista - Guide

To all of those unsure about Vista, ready to install Vista, have questions about Vista, or for those who are just looking around … this is the “guide” for you.

This Guide has a purpose to help everyone through their own individual Vista experience. Whether you need help or just some quick tips/advice hopefully you can find it here or the other resource links you find.

With help from Kirupa, I hope that this thread helps everyone out and will make the new Vista experience easier for everyone.

This is by no means correct answers to anything and is not to be taken to any extent to say someone is right or wrong. These are strictly suggestions that one can take in account with one’s own actions. Take the advice use it, learn from it, or just pass it on.

With that - I hope that you have a exciting and at least easy experience with Windows Vista. Enjoy.

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[COLOR=seagreen]Resource #1:[/COLOR]
Test Your PC Using the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor RC:

[COLOR=seagreen]Resource #2:[/COLOR]
System Requirements for Having a Vista-Capable or Vista-Premium PC:

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Official Microsoft Windows Vista Tips & Tricks

[COLOR=seagreen]TIP #1:[/COLOR]
To start off, first thing I would get used to using with Vista is the search bar. You can access this by clicking the ‘Start Orb’ and you will see the search bar right above it in the programs menu. Click in this field and type in a search for almost anything you could possibly need to access on your computer. Whether it be an application, a file, a folder, an e-mail, pictures, music - you name it. The good thing about it is you don’t need to know the complete name of the file or folder you are searching for…just a few words will do the trick.

You can take it a step further and add ‘Tags’ to your files and documents when you choose the option ‘Save As’ or as I like to use by going to the Properties of that particular file and clicking on the ‘Details’ tab and putting in a ‘Tag’ for that file in the area given. By adding a ‘Tag’ you will be able to access certain things easier that you know you’ve tagged before. Example: Say you have a web project you are doing and you save each file with the Tag ‘web1’ - by using ‘web1’ in the search bar you can access all the files quickly to search through what you have saved using that Tag.

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Ah great!I’m currently using Vista right now. . Vista Premium. . It’s good. . Do you recommend higher that Premium?:hat:

i think that premium is a good place to stay at, especially knowing that Windows 7 will soon (a year or 2) be replacing Vista anyways :slight_smile:

I have installed Vista Ultimate 64 and couldn’t complain what-so-ever. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had one hardware issue or software issue … other than my Nero software …

Hey K, is there a better substitute for Nero that is good on 64 bit Vista?