[WIP] Digital Carnival Design

Ok, so I am designing my new site, here is the design I am working on. It will be hard to explain or show some more complex parts.

Home Page: http://digitalcarnival.com/newdesigns/full_home.jpg
Mouseover on homepage: http://digitalcarnival.com/newdesigns/popup.jpg

The homepage is the only fully designed page.

The whole site is going to be AJAX and when a link is clicked the old content will slide to the left, a loading bar will slide up, when loaded the bar will slide up and the new content will also slide up (or from right, haven’t decided).

Also, what does everyone think of the colours, the pallete was done by me, but it’s here: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/129213/I_feel_neutral

second version: http://digitalcarnival.com/newdesigns/two.jpg

I still need to work on the bottom of the page and the sidebar