[WIP]Ken Lorentzen Portfolio

Little greeting: Hi all Kirupa people. Been ages since I came here last… Had all forgotten about this lively and active community. Back now though, to get some feedback on my latest projects. Cya around!

I was asked by a family member, Ken Lorentzen, if I could create a photography website for him. Of course, family always comes first, so “sure thing” I said. He wanted me to create a website that was:
[]Simplistic and minimalistic (to a certain degree)
]Made in Flash for a dynamic and “nice” way to display his images.
[]Of no colors. Black\White and the shades in between. Preferably a bit dark.
]Easy to update.

So that’s what I’ve aimed towards. I wanted to do this one in colors (I am all too well known for dark and colorless designs, but it’s his website, not mine). So the page is simple, but functional. Tell me what you think, other than “add colors”, since that won’t happen. His reason for wanting a colorless design, was the following:
“Some of my images are black and white only, while some are in color. I don’t want the website to define my definite style; that’s what my images will do.”
A good reason, I think.

Also note, all sections will be filled up, but he hasn’t gotten all his images digital yet. The images that ARE there are also not in the final resolution that they will be posted with.

To view the WIP, check here (most code is done, but I always take some time to finalize things… I despise bugs in flash, for an example):