Wip: Mrbx

I’m sure some of you remember this : http://www.beyondthepixel.com/clients/mrb

Well the client liked it so much he wanted me to do another one this I guess the difference between this one and the other is one is business and one is personal. ANYWHO, this is a DJ site he’s calling it MRB Experience.

I changed the logo to go w/ Experience, as well as naming it Xperience instead, heh. He wanted me to do something that was similar to the first one but different at the same time. Keeping it simple yet graphic.

Here is the template he gave me to work from:

And here is what I’ve done w/ it:

None of this is live as I just did this in 30 minutes, and he hasn’t givin me any content. I promise this time I’ll create a streaming MP3 Player :).

Anyway, it’s on the chopping block… let’er rip.

you know it too bro - nice work!

LoL, 25 views and only one comment. Eh oh well, thx PR. I had to pull teeth to get my other site critiqued too.

Yea that’s real nice man, nice work.

Thats looks VERY nice I cant wait to see it animated and everything.

Whoa, very nice. I’m a big fan of your work simplistik, its very good :slight_smile: Now, get back to work! :wink:

You’ve got skill son and don’t let no body ever tell ya different, k?

Let us know as you move on with this site. It’s lookin slick.

LoL, I don’t :wink:

Thanx guys, I’m gonna see what he says today about it see if it’s a go or not. I’ll continue working on it after I get paid for the comp and the the first % of payment from them. You all know how it goes. I’ll post the final up here when it’s either done or close to done, so you can all tell me how the button transitions look and all that jazz. Thx again.

AWWW Man! That’s sweet.

I never use red on black because it ‘always’ looks like crap but I really like what you’ve done here. The navigation couldn’t be any nicer. I really like the dark red on the ends of the buttons. I think that really pulls the page together.

Random ideas (btw I love as it is but I throw these out anyways)

  • what if you added a very soft (almost naked to the eye) round bevel to the area where the black meets the red? I’m not saying to tile it all the way across; keep it consist with the lighting effect you’ve created.

  • how about a slight emboss or inner shadow on the logo?