[WIP] NorthMechanical - Crits

So I’ve been asked to redesign a site. Anyway, it’s gonna be a hybrid site. The nav&header is will be flash the content will be html.

The logo isn’t included in their deal, I just put a new one there cause I don’t like their old one, and I figured since I had that logo laying around I’d just add text and swap it out :lol:

Anywho, their site is http://www.northmechanical.com (doesn’t work in FF). As you can see it’s not good. They gave me no direction so the ideas and concepts are all original. So, here’s the layout. Now’s your chance to give me as much h*ll as I give you guys.

And no… this site will NOT be optimized for 800x600. So if you’re still in the stone age and have that resolution… guess you’re outta luck :P.