[WIP] Two flash games

Hello Kirupians :slight_smile:
I’m looking for feedbacks for 2 little games I’m developping :

Project name : Starfield Zero

Url : deviantart link - [URL=“http://zappan.net/starfield/”]Link to latest updates
Game style : Shoot’em up
Background style : SF

**Move **: Arrow keys
**Shoot **: Key ‘d’ or ‘s
**Pause **: Key ‘p’ ou ‘pause

You can also **skip **chat typing with spacebar.
I suggest you to try killing ennemies bumping them, lot of fun :wink:

Music from newgrounds audio portal “MM7 intro” by mikeblastdude7 and “End of an era” by Va10r65

Project name : Flies ! A venus flytrap game

Url : deviantart link - [URL=“http://zappan.net/venusflytrap/”]Link to latest updates
Game style : Time waster, unclassifiable concept
Background style : A flower pot
Aim : Eat insects
Next updates : levels, upgrades such as eating ladybugs makes aphids eating and slowing you…
Buying Queen wasp pheromone makes the wasps don’t bite you but makes
others insects fly away faster…
Buying some ground and UV to grow faster… Etc… !!

Move the Dionaea (Venus flytrap) with the mouse.
Open wide the jaws keeping the Left button clicked
Unleash the left button to eat a fly

The Stem (stalk?) grows everytime you eat a fly, start by eating those at the bottoms :wink:

The chomp sound is from
free to use

Font Veleno Becker, apparently free to use, tell me if I’m wrong ^^

“Art”, programmation, music and other sounds by me

I hope you’ll enjoy, thanks in advance for trying and giving feedbacks :slight_smile: