With what programs are game general made with?

With what programs are games general made with? C++, C, other.

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i’d say the mapping-skinning-characters are often done with 3ds-maya and the 3d engine either copied from older games (ie quake engine ) but certainely programmed in C++ with lots of Direct3D-OpenGL programming to it…

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Models (3d games): XSI, gmax, 3dsmax, Maya
Models (2d games): Graphics Programs (PS, FWMX, ETC.)
Code (3d games): C++ [DirectX, OpenGL]
Compilers (3d games): Borland Compilers, Visual C++
Code (2d games): VisualBasic
Compilers (2d games): VisualBasic


lots of directx info - I think the SDK comes with a bunch of samples in C++, C#, and VB. If I find the little sample program I had I’ll post a link. It was either with the SDK or it might be the separate ‘Extras’ download.

a couple more links for ya -