Woeful arrays!

ive been tryin to organize some pictures using a 2d array

for (i=1; i<ServiceTextTotal; i++) {
aServiceClips[i, 0] = xmlServiceNode.childNodes[0].childNodes*.childNodes.length-1;
for (ii=1; ii<xmlServiceNode.childNodes[0].childNodes*.childNodes.length; ii++) {
aServiceClips[i, ii] = xmlServiceNode.childNodes[0].childNodes*.childNodes[ii].attributes[“src”];

im trying to define it wrong and i cant figure out which way is right.
should i be doing something like aServiceClips*[ii] = … ?

cant you write arrays in two ways? horizontally nested or somethin.
0 {val0, val1, val2}
1 {val0, val1, val2}
2 {val0, val1, val2}

and some other way like in C++ where you just got teh ray[x][y]?

is it all the same? bah! i forefit! please help me forum goers!

if someone could clarify the ways of defining multi-dimensional arrays for me that would be super sweet.