Wonder if anyone can help


Im new to these forums, but I hope anyone will be willing to help with a little problem I have run into.

Basically, I am trying to design a menu in which when one option is rolled over, all the other options fade to 50% opacity in order to cause the current one to stand out.

I have got this far, but onRollOut I want to have the rest of the options fade back in from whatever point they were to create a perfectly seamless animation.

This file shows how far I have got.

Hope that makes sense. I would appreciate any help you are willing to give.



Ok, the swf clearly shows the problem, but to solve it we’d need a look at the code you used…!
Basically what you wanna do is use a status variable, each btn onRollover sets it’s own to 1 and the others to 0, and for the alpha, just check on the status…if it’s 1, alpha =100, if ti’s 0, alpha=50…of course, reset all to 0 onRollout…
Depends on how you coded that…you can alos use a loop through an array with all the btn references in it to set all to 50 except the current one…different methods are possible…

I understand the concept, but actual code is helpful for me as I am a visual learner.

The .fla file is attached

Ok, I have made some progress. However it is still not quite there because you have to wait for the entire rollOver or rollOut animation to complete before you can move to the next option without screwing the whole thing up.


I have attached the new source .fla file for you all to look at.

i made this to give you an idea on how to change the alpha
no tweens … just actionscript

hope it helps =)

[size=1][ EDIT ][/size]
i forgot to say … the code is explained in option1

I didnt realise there was a fader function in actionscript. :sure:

Thankyou. It is perfect, and so much simpler.

oh no!! there’s no fader function :crazy:

it’s only the name i gave to the prototype
you can change it to anything you want

sorry if i confused you :-\

by the way … there’s like a million ways to do that
i could try something different if you want me to

Well, it works great at the _root level, but as soon as I try to drop the clips and code into a sub movie Clip, it doesnt work. Any ideas?

post your file so i can fix it [size=1][ i hope :stuck_out_tongue: ][/size]

here ya go…

ehmm … you forgot to give the instance name to menu :eye:

it works now :beam:

What a donut I am. heh. Thanks Kax. Its all working great now.