Wonderfl an Amazing Site!

I found this site and have noticed it hasn’t been posted on kirupa. It’s great for inspiration and technical knowledge. You basically script into the website one .as file and it compiles it every 3 seconds for you on-site and you can view the output immediatly. People can share code and ‘fork’ other people’s code… it’s so cool, I found it a few days ago and I think more people should be using it.

Check out what I have been messing around with for example:
My Particle Wave - http://wonderfl.net/code/e14259ff3fed2a9bcc58f3d9bb17fd586c940b8b
Original Particle Wave- http://wonderfl.net/code/03a384cc0d89fde5dc181efba71f294b17f0bd2e

My Sparkle - http://wonderfl.net/code/78751888b5ce5ff2000746ddb42d03dd4b3eedf9