Work in progress

looks kewl… go to there is an abundance of graphic art like that nowadays.,. every wallpaper in the world has that IMO. its nice FOR that but i just hate that style anymore. been way overused.

you are very talented… you shoudl make more original less geometrically shaped pics. theres my two cents. its nice for what it is but the type or art reminds me of pop art and Andy Warhol [sp?] his crap isnt art and its used very often. Originality is gone anymore on the net it seems.

I have no artistic talent at all, that might be why I suck at using Flash but you seem to have some great talent.

Big future for you if you want to use that talent for a career.

don’t worry about it Bollero… not many of us are Vts. :slight_smile: I try… but it takes a lot of practice… and he’s been practicing for a long time now.