Working between platforms, any help?

Hi Guys an Gals
Am trying to make small test between Mac and PC. This time is an f4v video clip. On PC everything works but on the Mac nothing. The code snippet from my netstream attempt is below. Does anyone have any idea why it does not work on Mac? If I put the a.f4v file in the root of the project and“a.f4v”); voila it works on the Mac but how to pass a String? Perhaps it needs the string encapsed between “”.
Best regards
public function FindFilms():void
filmList = new Array;
videoDir = File.documentsDirectory.resolvePath(“Films”);
targetPath = videoDir.nativePath;
var contentsV:Array = videoDir.getDirectoryListing();
for(var i:int = 0; i < contentsV.length; i++)

if ( Platform.substr(0,1) == “W”)
targetPath +="\";
targetPath +="/";
targetPath += filmList[0];
public function play()