Working on installer, need suggestions

I’m working on a server installer for my CMS. I wrote it in flash as well.

[]It asks user for MySQL hostname, username, password, and database (which they setup manually becasue alot of hosting doesn’t allow access to create DB with php.
]Then, it checks version of PHP with phpversion(), and throws an error if its below 4.
[]Scrape parses phpinfo() for the version of GD.
]Scrape parses phpinfo() for the version of MySQL
[]Checks that database exists by scraping “on error” messages.
]Checks if the username and password work.
[]Verifies that the hostname has MySQL.
]Writes php files for the cms that uses “imagecreatetruecolor” and “imagecopyresample” if the server has GD 2.0.
[]Scrapes the phpinfo() for the current file location and then uses a REGEX to rip it apart and find the path to the upload folder. Writes php file for uploader that uses the server path.
]Creates folders for images and thumbs.
[*]Asks user for username and password and adds it to a .htpasswd to lock the installer and CMS.[/LIST]Is there anything im forgetting? or do you have any tips that will help me make this as idiot proof as possible for users?