Working with csv array

Thought I had a good handle on this but getting stumped on generating movie clips to the stage using external data from a csv file.
I’m using a loader component and have the trace set up perfect.
I now need to create an mc for every date that I’ve traced.

myCSV = new TP_SimpleCsvLoader("12MonthChange.csv", onBasicFileLoaded);

function onBasicFileLoaded() {
	for(t=0;t<myCSV.rowCount;t++) {

_global.num = myCSV.getRowAsArray(t);
_global.monthYear = ('\"'+ _global.num[0] + _global.num[1]+ '\"');

If anyone can give me a push or a point in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
Basically I’m able to trace exactly what I want from the csv file I just need help on how to retrieve it and use it.