Working with the dateChooser component

For my projectmanagement sofware I want to use the dateChooser component to implement a dynamic projectcalendar for each project. I’ve been able to customize the component for my specific needs as far as it goes with the standard parameters.

Now my problem, how do I loop through the calendar adding event data to specific dates?
I load XML data with the dates that has an events attatched to them like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<date id="20040705" events="3" />
<date id="20040723" events="1" />
<date id="20040818" events="5" />

In fact, PHP retrieves the records from my MySQL database summing them up in the above XML format.
All I really need to do is looping through my dateChooser component calendar and mark out which date that has an event or more with some color or something.

I don’t need my calendar to display info about the events. All it has to say when clicking a date is how many events there are. Eventinfo will be displayed in a HTML popUp window.

Doesn’t anybody got a clue about this at all?
I’ve been searching Google and several Flash MX forums for answers but no one seems to be using this kind of functionality with the dateChooser component?

So what’s the best? Should I just give up on this and try something else?