*world domination* hurry!

<form action=“http://drunkmenworkhere.org/189.php” target=“risk”>
<input type=“image” src=“http://drunkmenworkhere.org/189.php?image=1” id=“risk” alt=“click for World Domination [TM]”
onclick=“setTimeout('document.getElementById(‘risk’).src='http://drunkmenworkhere.org/189.php?image=’+Math.random();’,1000);return true;”>

Click away, folks.
Don’t be shy. It may take a second to load because apparently this image is dynamically generated with each colored square indicating a “plot of land” that has been claimed by one website or another.

The whole point is to “take over” as much of that world map as possible by clicking the colored squares. Each click you make assignes the site that referred you as the current owner. The site that owns the most land gets mentioned on TechTV. …or so I’ve been told.

You’ve conquered the piece of Canada between longitude -98° and -96° and latitude 54° and 56° for kirupaforum.com. :beam:


No fair. Phil surely has most of the squares controlled.

haha, good old phil!

I don’t get that ;-(

pretty cool, we got a bit of catching up to do though

haha, i was clicking all over australia when all of a sudden their site went to maintenance. this is strangely addicting.

I got that big square in USA done :wink: and kept on taking the land back that they stole, **** geocities and that other site are killing us!

We gotta get going folks, start clicking. I clicked about 50 times and counting… :slight_smile:

Its back online, go troops go go go go!!!

HAHAH who drew the K!!!

woohoo!! we are taking over!!!1

I spelled a giant “k” in southern africa. You can see it now, but if you don’t, I have attached a picture :slight_smile:

Kirupa :stuck_out_tongue:

they are trying to rouin it. im trying to fight them off…

hehe - it’s ok :slight_smile: I figured something like that would happen; that’s why the image has been attached hehe.

Mine won’t load :frowning:

everyone go to the huge blob, im starting to make it big!

this is fun.! :slight_smile:

kirupaforum.com (1597)
forums.somethingawful.com (1587)
geocities.com (1446)

Yessaaa we are in the lead!!!

nali- it might take a while to load.


look what i did, with some help!