Would topics on internet basics be helpful?

Almost all the content on the site is about web development related topics. An important part of that is just talking about how the internet works, how a browser works, etc. That is something that I’ve never covered before, but I think it is one of those things that is good for any web developer/designer to be familiar with. What do you all think?

Here are some initial ideas:

  1. How does the internet work? (DNS servers, etc.)
  2. What is SSL?
  3. What is HTTP/2
  4. What happens when you visit a web page?
  5. How does a typical browser work?
  6. How do push notifications work?
  7. How does e-mail work?
  8. How does a database work?

Any others?


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That would be great !

I like it!

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(bump - I’m finally going to start on this! I updated the first post with some topics that came to mind. Please suggest others!)