Would you sue your mom?

Aaron Carter (Nick Carter’s little brother) is suing his mother, as well as getting legal emancipated. I personally hate his music but that’s JMO. Which is aimed mostly for preteenie boppers. At any rate, how can you sue your other mother, especially over money? What is this world coming to?

i hate that kid so much, what i would do to sock him in the face:P

who searously sue’s their mom. Of all people, the person that brought you into this world. Greed is taking over, sad to say it. :frowning:

yeah, a lot of child stars have sued their parents over money. it’s exploitation. the parents would try to get every penny their child gets because the feel they need it more than their child does. imagine it, if your kid starts making millions, do you think you’d want to have a job anymore? That’s just my opinion.

although he is an annoying wee boy, if his mother has conned him out of money, then she deserves the same punishment as anyone else. If she hasn’t, it will be proven. Being a mother does not give you right to commit any crime against your child.

It’s often said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer.”

I’d like to make my own statement - “He who has a family member as his manager, deserves what he gets in return.”

How much of a mamma’s boy is this Carter kid? Has his mommy handle his career. I don’t care if she did ‘con’ him out of money, if he’s stupid enough to have a faimly member represent him, then he’s just asking for problems.

Same thing with former NHL star turned worthless baggage, Eric Lindros, having his daddy take care of his career. Look what good it did him…

It says it’s been since he was 7 though, too young to really make that kind of decision.

I thought Saturday Night Live did a really good job imitating aaron carter. Funny stuff.

read it twice I did… and nowhere did it say that the kid was suing his mom …


…yadayada about the dad and her prob’s tho… sounds more to imply (without clearly stating) that “Bob Carter” was trying to get her discharged from her role. as manager.

opps i posted the wrong link, that was the response of Aaron Carter’s mom to Aaron’s allegations. I was reading both.


aha ! okay then … tough call…

not being there it would be real hard to decide becuase as-a-rule I’d certainly think it cheezee to sue ones’ mom

but then again if she was robbing you blind I could see at least considering it

…again, tough call …

world is coming to an end :frowning:

*Originally posted by Jasninder *
**world is coming to an end :frowning: **

yea it’s been coming to an end for the past umpteen years

hehehe i can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:

It basicly started with Hitler…

Then Osama…

… Saddam

[just some of the f*** bast*** that wanted to put an end to the world!

Nah… They didn’t do **** to this world…

Bah… So they killed some people, that won’t change the course of time…

Now, greed and new laws being passed in America while you guys are worried about the war in Iraq is what you should really be worried about… :wink: