Wow this works

Since last week I went running with a friend of mine 2/3 times a week and I must say it works. I mean this running really helps me get allot of energy. It’s really starting to work. because before last week around 5 o’ clock I was dead tired. Now, around that time I go running with my friend. I’m just filled with energy.

on a other note:
Also, I’ve noticed that runners they greet each other while running. My friend said that “that’s the culture.” Runners must greet each other.

continuing along:
It’s also helping my concentration on school because I do long days at school. Sometimes from half past 6 till half past 5. I kid you not. It’s a hardnock life. Yep running is okay with me. First time I went running it was really pathetic. but now I’ve really improved on my condition.

So in conclusion:
Go out running once in a while,

  1. It’s fun with a friend.
  2. You get allot of energy.
  3. There are loads of hot chicks running out. :cool: “oh, yeah;)”