Write to a php file located on another server ?!

Hello people!
First thanx again for the big ressource that can be found here around.
Here is my problem. I did a mailform under flash that use a php file to send the data to the mailbox. Everything is working but the next step is that i need to put the swf file on another server (.php on a php server and .swf on a non php server). So i use an absolute link within flash to link to the php file. Here is the code:

on (release) {
		loadVariablesNum ("http://www.myphpenabledserver.com/mail.php", "0", "Post");

Ok. So when i use this localy, I get a message telling me that for security reason flash can’t connect to an external application blahblahblah. I set it up to allow the connection and everything works. Now when i use it on a webserver, i don’t get any error message or anything. It seems that flash simply ignores the external connection to the php file. So what i’d like to know is how to either force it to send the data to my php file or find a trick to make it works :slight_smile:

I’ve done my best to be clear but it was kinda confusing to explain.
Thx for the support