Writing to a Dynamic Text Box?

Just wondering if anyone knew how to have a flash program that you can wright whatever say “News” to a .txt file?

The way I have it set up is, you enter a password, then it loads a screen where you can update the news as you please. And is will wright over whatever is in the .txt file. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.:cowboy:

I use blogger to write to a txt file and then load that in a dynamic text box. Works nice for a news section. However if you have a way of updating your txt file already then who needs blogger :slight_smile:

Thanks byis,
I have no clue what blogger is, but the purpose I am trying to achive here is I made a website for my pops company and it is easy just to dl the text file and edit it then upload it. But no so easy for people who rarely use a comp. So I would like to have a flash page that I could enter a url and then enter a pass and if it was correct load the screen to enter text. Then have a button say “send” that would wright all the text on the screen to the .txt file. Also would be nice to implement “text=” into the code so you do not have to type it everytime.

Ok, then blogger would work great for what your trying to do. First go to Blogger and sign up an account - its free. I have an example below on how to setup the blogger template and then the AS needed in Flash. Hope this helps.

Example Blogger Template

blogtext=<Blogger><BlogDateHeader></BlogDateHeader> <$BlogItemBody$> br br font color="#999999"
Posted by <$BlogItemAuthor$> on <$BlogItemDateTime$>
/font br br br </Blogger>

Note: I left out the <> tags on the html so it would show up on the forum.

Text Field Settings

Instance Name = scroller
Dynamic Text
Render Text as HTML

Action Script

loadText = new loadVars();
// creating the loadVarsText function
loadText.onLoad = function() {
scroller.html = true;
scroller.htmlText = this.blogtext;

thanks again byis,
Thanks a kewl setup they have. I may give it a try if this doesn’t work.

I finally got it set up now where you can enter a pass.
If correct make it go to a certain frame where I can enter whatever text I want. Now if I can just get it to wright it to the .txt file I want on the server it will be all good.