W's the name of this effect? for kirupa and anyone who knows

what is the name of the effect that displays an image that stays on the lower right side of the page and follows you as you scroll up and down the page?

you can see it @ www.kirupa.com/developer/flash5/home.htm

look down & to the right and you’ll see a rotating plus sign “[+]”. I assume it is done with Java Script, are there some good places to download this kind of script? Does it ever crash your computer?

what I want to do specifically desplay a small icon telling the site visitor to click on a the link below (the link on this icon) and listen to an audio (& if they do, keep them on the same page while opening RP or MP file)

thanks ahead of time for your help!!


umm… couldnt u just make it in flash? orrr… am i stoopid?

It is done with JS, i dont know the name of it tho.

This explains it all: