WUTS WRONG ? preloader

ok, i created another site, and when i test it it works fine, but when I try to test the preloader, the preloader works, and then it goes to frame 5 and some of the buttons are missing!? wuts wrong? any idea?

I leave this to the king of preloaders (cos I have no idea at all…), you all know who I’m thinking of…\rpom 0] \rMaybe you should try and explain a little bit more, Jubba. Because the way you put it, I doubt Upu can help you.

well what it was doing, was not displaying all the movieclips when the preloader sent it to frame 5. The button would still be there, but the MCs were gone, but only two of them. So I tried to send it to frame 4 instead, and then from frame 4 it just goes straight to frame 5 and it works fine. i just had to go the stupid way to get it to work.