Www.followthebeat.com Flash version check

The stuff from the original post is below this please check it out also if you haven’t already. and heres somethign I’ve been working on a little.

I’ve been working on a flash version of a site run by a friend and I I would like everyones opinion on the design layout and functionality as well as download time… cautionary note I don’t have a preloader attached to it yet so it may take a bit to DL on slower connections.

the address is http://www.followthebeat.com/nagmier/index.html

you can loook at the original html site @ http://www.followthebeat.com
as you can probably see it needs some new desing work done and I’d like to go with flash also q’s about an intro any right length as far as time like 20sec 30sec etc? I’ve got eh concept I’m just working on getting the images together for it.