hi peeps ive made a website for flash movies and videos

ive just started using flash and im very interested in a carrier using it

just thought i would let u all know


also i would like to thank every1 at Kirupa for inspireing me to have fun with flash

thx stealth3k

u mean u want us to join your forum - cuz thats all it is?
nice layout though


That’s three referrals to airspace I get from reading these two posts.


im very interested in a carrier
(a stealthbombercarrier maybe?)



ok… thx ppl i ment i would like to use flash to further my carrier

and the fact off joining my forum u dnt have to all i ask is for u 2 join to view the movies thats it !! i dnt care about wether ppl do or dnt

i was only showing u phfff

no need for u to take the piss

Take the who? I just went to the bathroom recently, what’s that supposed to mean?

Nice way of making friends with people on the boards Stealth. I know that saying stuff like that on here won’t go down too well at all.

sorry peeps

Thats more like it. Now be friendly.

Lol he’s commanding you!

Well what’s a Not Moderator for?

Lol :P.

Now fly, my pretties, FLY! :elderly:


I think he means career… :sigh:

hsdan, now that makes perfect sense now.

welcome alonf stealth, Im new also to flash (again) - last time I used it was version 4.
joining here was the perfect idea to learn from others.



We are all happy now.

stealth3k it is better to introduce yourself and not your service as you start here at kirupaforum, some would see that as just obvious advertising… but since you apologised I will be kind…

Welcome to the forums!! :wink:

[size=1]but remember if i see that you are just here to promote then i will remove the thread. [/size]


That’s for clearing that out! :thumb: [/s]

:wink: :wink: