[x] Forces of Gravitational Repulsion


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I have been pondering many a thought recently, and among these are what I like to think of as “thought applets”, sort of a theoretical Flash application (complete with acting forces, motions, variables and an understanding of what I want to achieve) but without it being actually engraved in code.

The most interesting one I’ve found so far has to do with an anti-gravitational force of repulsion, acting on an object. In flash, this would be the mouse exerting a strong repulsive force against another object within proximity. The object in question would have a mild elasticity “chain”, tethering it to a specified (root) position.

Graphically, this would be the opposite force of gravity acting like a large spring to the Earth’s current position, bringing Jupiter nearby. The force of attraction between these two bodies would be normally:

**((6.67E-11 //“G”)(M1 //Mass of the Earth)(M2 //Mass of Jupiter)) / (R ****//Dist. between 2 bodies)^**2

But here, we would want the negative, repulsive value of this.

The potential energy of a spring is PEs=1/2k*x^2 , where “k” is a spring constant (less than one) and x is the distance stretched from it’s neutral position. Because x is squared, whether it is positive or negative is irrelevant.

My question(s) to you:[LIST=1]
[]When writing out the actionscript code for these two effects, should they be written separately? Together?
]Can you think of a simpler method that would achieve the same effect.[/LIST]
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