X Y swf positioning

Im loading several swf files into my main movie, How do I load the swf’s and have them display like:\r\rswf1 | swf2 | swf2… and so on?

Are you using \rloadMovieNum();\ror\rloadMovie();\r?

Im using loadMovie()

upu whats the difference?

Well, there are a number of ways of doing it if you’re having it go that way. using the loadMovie function, you’re loading them into movie clips which are on your stage and each already has an instance name. As such you can control them with various action script methods.\r\rIf each movie clip were 50 pixels wide you could put this script into your timeline and have each of them sit side by side.\r\rmyMovieClip1._y=0;\rmyMovieClip1._x=0;\rmyMovieClip2._y=0;\rmyMovieClip2._x=50;\rmyMovieClip3._y=0;\rmyMovieClip3._x=100;\r\rOr you could have them stacked on top of each other and make two invisible like so\r\rmyMovieClip2._visible=false;\rmyMovieClip3._visible=false;\r\rThen when you wanted another shown, you could make the one that’s visible invisible, and set another to be visible by just using true and false.\r\rYou could also put each movie clip into another movie and then use one of the sliding menu tutorials that seem very popular now to have each slide back and forth.\r\rDo you have an idea in mind? Have you seen something cool on a site you’re trying to reproduce? If so, post the URL.