>>> Xbox Games for help - Call of Duty Finiest hour & NFS Underground 2

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Hi Kirupians

I come to you all in desperation. I’ve spent about 2 days on this menu and I can’t figure out how to make it work for the life of me. Several very knowledgable people have tried to guide me in the right direction but I just don’t get it.

So I’m offering either of the two xbox games below to the person that can make it work. (both games work and are in like new condition)

[size=4]Call of Duty Finiest Hour
Need for Speed Underground 2[/size]

Okay, what I need is to have the navigation work the same (animation wise) but be able to have the buttons on the sub sections work ( the black boxes i mean) without screwing up the animation.

Finished file must be flash MX

I’ve attached the .fla

the first person to get everything to work can post the file up here and PM me the address to which they want me to ship the game. I will only ship the game to Canada and the US excluding Alaska and Northern territories


[size=4][color=Red]*****************JOB COMPLETED! *********[/color][/size]