Xerox Folder

Hey guys i am having a really wierd thing on my computer. its a folder that ive never created called “xerox” its hidden and i cant access it. My spyware detectors and norton antivirus dont detect it as anything :-/

Heres a screen shot below if anyone needs some concern

Some help would be great…
-Thanks in advance

  • Matt C:-)

I have win XP home and there is a folder named “xerox” in my “Program Files” folder. Inside “xerox” there is a folder named “niwmia”. Inside that folder are 2 files (xrxFTPLt.exe and xrxflnch.exe). “Norton Anti-Virus” and “SpyBot S&D” show no sign of this folder being a problem. What is this folder? How do I get rid of it? Should I get rid of it?

Any answers are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’ve merged your thread with this thread. I have a xerox folder also :slight_smile:

Yeah dont worry about it its just a regular folder to me.

I think it’s that if ou install a Photocopier or scanner or Printer with a brand name Xerox it would go in that folder.

I noticed this folder like 2years ago lol it bugs me alot everytime I open my program files it says hello and stares at me for the rest of the time there.