[xm] text link to xml flash tree menu grandchild

Hi All,

I’m trying to link from my front page (index.htm - no flash - no xml) to a internal product page (products.htm - xml-driven - flash tree component menu - three products - three hierarchy levels - product-feature-featurebenefit) grandchild node.

The product.htm page simply calls text and images/movies and throws them into dynamic text and movie placeholders for 3 products at 3 levels.

What I want to do:
[]<a href=“products.htm”>link</a> to the product page, from text on the home index.htm page
]include some unique identifier that says I’m looking for the product2-product2feature4-product2feature4benefit1 grandchild node
[]have the flash tree component menu open and highlight that specific 2-4-1 grandchild node
]throw that grandchild node’s assets (text/images/movies) into their proper place holders
[/list]Hope this makes sense. I’m trying to avoid having to build separate .htm pages for each product permutation node.

Any clues, advice, pointers, examples, abuse appreciated. Thanks.