Xml connector + combo box + textarea problem

Hello to you all. I’ve got a slightly long winded problem so I’ll start from the top.

I’m making a flash news feed application, and I’m having a few niggling problems with those pesky combo boxes! I’ve got an xml connector which is getting its data from an RSS news feed, this connector is in turn bound to a combo box for selecting headlines, and a textarea which displays the story which is the ‘index for’ the headline combo box.

Still with me? Good. The problem is that I’m trying to use a timer to cycle through each headline every few seconds, but when I assign the combox a new index, the headline changes in the combo box but the text area doesn’t get updated, it just stays blank. I can only get a story to appear in the textarea if I select a headline from the combo box myself. Why is this? Is there any way I can force the text area to update with the new content?

This is the code I’m using in the timer to switch headlines, news_headline is the combo boxes instance name:

newIndex = news_headline.selectedIndex + 1
if(newIndex > (news_headline.length - 1))
newIndex = 0;
news_headline.selectedIndex = newIndex;