XML Cross-Fading Slideshow

Recently took my xml slideshow and made it into an AS2 class. It’s as simple to use as:

import com.npeg.util.SlideShow;

var mySS:SlideShow = new SlideShow("_xml/test.xml", clipA, clipB, 5, 1.5, "traceText");
//parameters = xml file, front clip instance name, back clip instance name, time in between transitions, transition time, function to call after first image loads
	trace("function called!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");

and requires only two movieclips (one on top of the other. Make sure that the clip on top is the clip you initially specify as the front clip). You can define a function in the _global scope to be called after the first image loads.

fairly simple, but thought it might be handy! I will eventually try and modify this to accept width/height parameters and force images to scale to fit a predetermined size…