XML data? Cant get rid of commas!

Hmmm… ohrite here we go. Im makin a template thats gona be used on ebay so I am trying to have all the data loaded from the single XML document. The text shows but its showing a heep of unnecassary commas. DO YOU KNOW WHY? :puzzled:

Heres my setup.

The XML file: The tags related to the data loaded is highlighted in <b>bold</b>

 <?xml version="1.0" ?>

    <title>ASUS MyPal A636 PDA - Buy it NOW!</title>

    <heading>PRODUCT SNAPSHOT</heading>
    <li><txt1>Recommended Retail Price: </txt1>        <txt2>$599.00</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Gross Weight: </txt1>                    <txt2>0.92 Kg</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Manufacturer: </txt1>                    <txt2>ASUS</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Manufacturer Code: </txt1>            <txt2>ASMPA636</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Warranty: </txt1>                        <txt2>3 Years</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Combined Shipping: </txt1>            <txt2>YES ($10)</txt2></li>
    <li><txt1>Insurance: </txt1>                    <txt2>$5 Optional</txt2></li>

Heres what iv done in flash:

var bodyText = my_xml.childNodes[1].childNodes;

product_body.multiline = true;
product_body.wordWrap = true;
product_body.border = false;
product_body.html = true;

var productStyle:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
product_body.styleSheet = productStyle;
product_body.htmlText = bodyText;

The text if formated from a css file, but i wont bother posting the code as i doubt its the source of the problem. I duno wat else to say, this has got me stumped iv neva came across anything like this before untill this weekend.

Ohh yer iv uploaded it to my server so you can preview the bug for your self.


Cheers, guys :thumb: